Reminder Messaging


There are many different types of reminders throughout the patient journey and often they come in various forms from multiple systems. This often leads to frustration for the patient and creates company risk when it comes to text messaging. It is difficult to keep track of how often and by whom your patients are receiving information. To better manage the process, creating a common hub to deliver all messages reduces costs and improves patient satisfaction.


Create a system that allows for rapid change without programming, scalable for high volume, flexible enough to accommodate many different organizations, and reduce overall costs.


Reduce no shows, better health outcomes, higher patient satisfaction, and lower staff and technology costs.


Design and built a flexible and comprehensive communication hub that can standardize all patient notifications, delivered in the method (Text, Text to Voice, eMail) preferred by the patient. The system had to be flexible enough to allow for custom messages at the clinic level and down to the provider level for those wanting to personalize communications. With one common workflow and data configurations for messaging, the goal to create a common hub was successful.